You can add multiple menu sources and setup display rules for each menu. Each menu structure must be added via WordPress menu locations (Appearance > Menus).

Note about styling

It's not possible to apply different styling for each menu or make different menu buttons for each menu source. You can only customize particular menu items on WordPress menu locations page (Appearance > Menus).

Multiple menus on the same page

That is not possible to display different menus on the same page with Superfly. If you choose the same page for different menu sources under Superfly menus then you'll see one menu that was added earlier.

Setup multiple menus

  1. Head over 🍔Main tab on Superfly settings.
  2. Click +Add new button under Superfly menus and select WordPress menu you want to use.
  3. Hit + button to add this menu source. Repeat steps above to add multiple menu sources.

Display settings

  1. Click on orange label with menu source.
  2. Select pages where you want this menu to show.
  3. Don't forget to click Save button at the every end of pages list.

You can also setup General display rules for all menus. Learn more on Creating Your First Menu.